A New Outfit & Questing With Stephen S.

Greetings fellow Wizards,

I had a great time in Wizard 101 today! First, I spent some of my Crowns on Gold so I could finish up my ultra-Storm outfit. Here’s the final product-

Dustin in his new outfit as he helps Stephen with various quests.

Dustin in his new outfit while helping Stephen with various side-quests.

All of that gear has been stitched, of course, to my GrandMaster garb. I noticed that if I change the hat on that outfit to the tall and pointy one, I’ll be the Storm & boy version of Cassandra. Slightly creepy…

If you read the caption that accompanies that dapper Storm GrandMaster (yours truly) above, you’ll have learned that I helped Stephen SpiritCaller, 1/2 of Ravenwood Radio, with some quests. It was a lot of fun, so I decided to take a few screenshots of Stephen, Cass, Amber, and I parading around the Marleybonian rooftops.

Stephen and Dustin float while waiting for a mech-creature of some sort to move out of the way.

Tada! Unknowingly, we fall into what looks like a race beginning.

Another cool one... Bow to Dustin :P

Here's us bringing the Gearhead to life.

Maybe Steve’ll thank us on Ravenwood Radio ;) Tha’d be so cool!

-Dustin MoonCatcher


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