Meeting Stephen and Leesha

Tonight I met the magic behind Ravenwood Radio, Stephen SpiritCaller and Leesha DarkHeart. It was great to finally meet them after a bit of email communication. They are full of “personality” :) and I look forward to dueling with them again. Thanks Stephen and Leesha, for a night of fun! Some shots…

Here David & I are with Stephen and Leesha, the Necromantic duo.

We race across the rooftops to fight the next boss that will get Stephen closer to Leesha.

Stephen told me that they raised the live show chat-room cap to unlimited, so no hurt feelings this time! Everyone can get in! Yay! Be sure to tune in to the 6th Episode of Ravenwood Radio which is tomorrow at 8 PM Central Time. For David and I, this is 9 (we’re in the East Coast time). So tune in! Go to, or click on Ravenwood Radio in our blogroll. See everyone tomorrow.

Keep on Casting!


One Response to “Meeting Stephen and Leesha”

  1. The Protective Pyromancer Says:

    Sigh, everyone meets the other blogger, and important people. I guess I should be grateful I have Fallon on my list but, she is always busy. Sigh…

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