Friends, Crafting, and Damage

I hopped onto Wizard 101 this morning and got David on the phone. David, who just got the Master Artisan badge, didn’t have really anything to do (see the previous post showing his empty Quest page; zip, nada, zero quests). I set out to find Reagents for my new Crafting Quest; “Craft 2 Raintree Uniforms”. Lemme tell you, that’s NOT easy in my book.

I mean, look at that! It doesn’t compare to the Carousel (David discovered it takes 40,000 Gold just to unlock the recipe! What a letdown…), which is CRAZY hard. Like, you need like a million Bones and all this other Black Pearl and Lotus and WHATEVER. I’m ranting… Anyway, it won’t be that bad getting all those Reagents.

Other than this, David and I did a super-fast run of The Grand Chasm Past with Kestrel & Samantha. Kestrel got sorta mad because she wanted to write everything down, but I guess that’s kinda what Life Wizards do, you know? Whatever. Here’s some screenshots of the run.

Here’s Kestrel, David, and I getting ready to enter the past!
Samantha, David, Kestrel, and I take on the infamous General Firetusk.

Sam, David, Kestrel, and I take on the infamous General Firetusk.

Kestrel proves herself worthy of representing the Life School; that's the biggest heal I've ever seen!

David (Hmmm, was it Sam?) finishes off the "invincible" General. Boo yah!

After General Firetusk was defeated, we stood around awkwardly trying to figure out what we were gonna do next.

So that’s that. I met up with everyone above plus Cassandra G. in Grizzleheim later. We had a little chat and Sam took Kestrel off to get her Junior uniform.

Yeah. It’s like they say on Ravenwood Radio, it’s nice too know that you have a group of wonderful fellow players who are by your side. Thanks to all my friends!

My last piece of news is that Dustin topped his highest hit ever AGAIN! It was 11,910 and is now 15,962 which was scored on my rocky friend General Greystone. Seems like I was on a General killing-spree today with Firetusk and Greystone.

I could have put up some a Darkwind, but I didn’t want to risk Greystone up there putting on a Storm Shield. I might have managed 20,000, but whatever. Near 16k is fine for me! Beat that, David!

Oh yeah, and Cass, I can take on a little stormy ferret any day, no matter what David says! :{P

Keep on Casting,



4 Responses to “Friends, Crafting, and Damage”

  1. wizard101info Says:

    It was ME!

  2. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    Cracks me up that I was calling myself the noob of the GWC right as you captured the huge heal and I proved myself worthy. LOL.

  3. wizard101info Says:

    My before comment meant that I killed the Helephant guy

  4. unknow Says:

    idk dude dose any one have any clue how to defeat in final fantasy 13 the oraphan

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