Many Updates Later…

We have an updated GWC page! Here’s the two things I added to it:

1) Email Notification

As I said, if you are on the GWC, we NEED your email address. Next to all the names on the Council List, you’ll see either “(email address secured)” or a blank space. If you see that your spot doesn’t have “(email address secured)” on it, you NEED to send us your email address so we can add you to our highly top secret GWC Communications Google Group! Please QUICKLY get us your email so we can begin meetings soon! Email us at


If you go to the GWC Page and check out the list, you’ll notice that some of the Junior positions (instead of having a nice little Wizard 101 name in them) have the words, “SPOT OPEN”. If this is the case, this spot IS open! Let us know if you want to apply by emailing us at

Well, that’s about it. The GWC is falling into place.

-Dustin, Vice HighMaster


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