A Damp Demon By My Side

Yup, that’s right! I got my Damp Demon today! I renamed him Louie, because Queen Ben just didn’t do it for me. I dunno why, but I thought Louie suited him better. Can anyone suggest a better name?

*cricket chirps*

Thought not. Here’s a picture of me (courtesy of my mom’s Blackberry Curve) holding the gift card at GameStop.

You can see my shoe in the bottom right hand corner. Isn’t it cool? Lol. Louie looks just as good in-game as he does on the gift card, which I didn’t know actually gave 10,000 Crowns PLUS the free Helephant pet!

I think that the artwork design on him is really nice. Like those awesome Storm signs on his armor? I give my compliments to the KingsIsle artist who made that pet. There was something else I noticed about him. Please don’t laugh when I share it with you-

You know, I think we look kind of alike. We are both dressed appropriately in Storm colors (highly noble, of course), and we both have a dagger in our right hand. I have my beloved ShockBlade, and he has a…. Helephant-sword-thing-y. Here’s two VERY (like, a few seconds each) short video’s of tricks I taught Louie.

Can’t you tell how we are running synced with each other? And this next one…

This one really cracks me up! It looks like he’s trying so hard! HA!

* Dustin wipes a tear of laughter dramatically from his eye*

No, but there is a “non” funny aspect of this pet. The card it gives & how it affects your duels. As Friendly pointed out on Ravenwood Radio, there really aren’t much better pets then your Level 48 School Specific pets. I really love my Stormzilla, Lord Zeus, because of that wicked +5% Power Pip chance. With Louie’s rare, one-of-a-kind DragonBlade card added to a Storm Blade, Elemental Blades, Storm Trap, Elemental Trap, and Feint, your damage can get way up there. I think I actually beat my record (11,910  with Triton) with that combo and a full row of nice plump Power Pips.

Yeah, so that’s all I have on my new pet Louie, but I also just wanted to talk a bit about Friendly’s post, “How do you get famous in Wizard 101?”. Ok, so this made me think, would we consider the Friendly Necromancer “famous”? I’m kinda split on this. People (like MYSELF) are always DYING to meet him in-game. I’m kind of ashamed of this, and Friendly, if you’re reading this, I’m kinda sorry for bugging all my friends if you’re on. I think that Friendly is really cool, but for all those people (UNlike me) who try and mob him at parties and stuff, I don’t agree with stuff like that. Fame comes with a price. I dunno. Those are just kind of a compilation of my random thoughts about his post. My trail of thoughts after reading it…

Keep on Casting,



2 Responses to “A Damp Demon By My Side”

  1. sboy76 Says:

    I think the price of fame is being dogpiled by your fans.

  2. wizard101info Says:

    Dustin this is kinda going to your head!
    Videos……..pictures………..bragging to me……………..bragging about how useful………………..a lot more bragging…….

    JK he didnt brag a WHOLE lot (emphasis on WHOLE)


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