Going Back To Krokotopia

I didn’t put it in Cody’s interview, but another piece of advice he told me was that I should go back and do all the lowest-level side quests I could fine. The lowest one I could find was called, “The Keys  To Freedom”, which is in the Karanahn Barracks.

When I walked into that place (I hadn’t been in there in a while), I noticed an obvious similarity to the new Balance School house. See?

See how all the little islands are floating over a bottomless pit? I think I’m gonna ask Cassandra if I can post a shot of her Balance hat to compare them. Anyway, I had to get keys from these Ravagers to free the slaves. I felt so bad for those little Manders!

After I got those evil Tuts, I came right back to my buddy to free him!

Look, he’s trying to give me a hug! That’s just so cute. I’ll have to go back and visit him some time. Or I could just wear my Storm Salamander pet :) So I actually did have to do some fighting, and first was Kiwu. I remember Kestrel ShadowThistle, from “ShadowThistle School of Wizardry”, talked about fighting this evil Mander. I think she was surprised because Manders seem so nice and this guy was just really rude.

Really, that’s mean! He’s calling Dustin MoonCatcher, GRANDMASTER Diviner, a worthless halfwit! Seriously?! I put this guy out of his misery fast. 3 rounds and a Rank 8 Tempest can really hurt a Rank 3 boss. It can REALLY hurt them.

Then I had to go and fight this slave Taskmaster. Here’s what I saw when I walked into the Taskmaster’s Lair:

Even a setup like that can make me do a double-glance. Those guys just attacked, so I was seein’ a lot of Lightning Bats. They worked me down to around 750 Health Points, but then they were gone pretty fast with a nice, buff Storm Lord.

Oh yeah, and last night I took this cool screenshot of something Nathaniel FireEyes did to his house. Isn’t it awesome?

Keep on Casting!


2 Responses to “Going Back To Krokotopia”

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    LOL, nice pics! I love the one with the Krok head. I’m on a little vacation, and I have no W101. I’m writing to you from my Dad’s Mac Book, but I’m not sure if Cross overs works. Do you, Dustin, use Cross Overs? I’m pretty sure you have a Mac.

  2. Logalmier Says:

    You do know that you were supposed to poison the food that the mander was guarding, right? If you had done that then you wouldn’t have had to fight all those guards. :P

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