Our First Interview: Cody NightHunter on “W101 Economy”

Cody came over to my house and we got on Dustin. He opened up my character profile (“C”) and he saw that I had just been spending, spending, spending, gold and had maybe 450 left, flat. It was really kind of pathetic. Cody took command! He got me back on track and we worked on my house. I feel great! At the end, I decided that I had to interview him for this blog so that other Wizards could use his advice on what I’m calling  “W101 Economy” in general. Here’s the interview:


W101 Info: What are the best ways to make serious Wizard gold?

Cody NightHunter: A really great way is to sell items you won’t use because you can’t or you don’t like the stats and have something better. And although Crafting can really suck the money out of your Wizard wallet, it pays for itself .The Crafting quests give a lot of gold. It’s nice.

W101 Info: Where are the best places to get items of value that you can sell because you don’t need them or don’t need them for your other characters? Where do you “farm” for these items?

Cody NightHunter: Of course, Dragonspyre mobs and bosses are great. All of the ordinary drops’ there have really reasonable stats, which raises their value. The value of an item is increased as well if it is only available to be worn by a certain school. Really, just fight the mobs. It’s just great, man! Marleybone is very nice too because a lot of the bosses around the rooftops drop items with school “insignia”‘s on them (check out Cassandra’s outfit; Balance “insignia”!). These sell for a lot because they are popular for stitching. The last world I think is the best for gold farming is Grizzleheim because of what Friendly calls “Raven $$$”. At the end of the Grizzleheim quest-line, you get a quest to fight four Ravens. The duel isn’t that hard, and the rewards you can reap! They drop items that can be sold and a nice amount of gold. Consider farming them often for fast results.

W101 Info: Where is the best place to sell all these items you get from farming?

Cody NightHunter: The Bazaar! It gives you the best deals. At the Bazaar in Olde Town, the gold value of items is based on how plentiful that item is in the Bazaar at that time. If you have something to sell at the Bazaar and there is none of it in the bazaar, it will sell for more. There is a catch however-

W101 Info: Where do you sell items you CAN’T sell at the Bazaar? “NO AUCTION” items?

Cody NightHunter: That’s right, if in an item’s stats there are the words “NO AUCTION”, the item cannot be sold at the Bazaar like everything else. When this happens, you have no choice but to sell them to regular equipment vendors in any of the worlds, but for maybe a 3rd of the price…

W101 Info: Thanks for sharing your secrets with us Cody! I’m sure they’ll help many students realize their full potential when “getting cash”.


Keep on Casting!


One Response to “Our First Interview: Cody NightHunter on “W101 Economy””

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    I’ve just hit 115,000 gold!

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