Two Very Strange Duel Occurrences

I’ve been doing a lot of dueling in the past few days, and a LOT can happen in two days of dueling. I want to share with you guys two of the weirdest things I’ve seen in my dueling in the past few days.

The first strange occurrence I would like to share is what happened to be in Briskbreeze Tower. I died in the battle I’m about to show you a shot of, but I “beat” the tower anyway by (1) convincing Cassandra to go into the boss battle first and then (2) sneaking around the duel circle and talking to the sergeant before going into the fight where you are, unfortunately, doomed. Sorry Cass! Here’s my picture-

About 1/4 way through the duel, the evil cheating Wraith summoned up three freaking Rank 8 mobs! CRAZY! It’s just not possible to beat. I know that KingIsle has done stuff like this (making certain bosses IMPOSSIBLE to beat) several time. I watched a YouTube video where KI adjusted Malistare for a little and he could summon his wife and could do an overpowered Meteor Strike like our Wraith buddy above. I remember also that Friendly posted a video of his kid’s characters, Kyle and Amber, fighting the Jade Oni when the Oni was joined by it’s 3 companions. So yea, we died in Briskbreeze.

My next occurrence was when I fought Usunoki with Jonathan DeathStalker, Junior Death Rep of the GWC. We finished the duel in about 5 minutes flat (where Jon rightly stated that storm was “pure power”. Right on, Jon!), and stood around and chatted about the GWC before Jon talked to the goat that had appeared for him to talk to, Ting Yin. Clearly, we thought that Usunoki wasn’t gonna re-spawn on our heads, because bosses in Dungeons and Towers don’t really ever re-spawn. It’s a Dungeon, for crying out loud! But before Jon got around to talking to Ting Yin, Usunoki re-spawned right on top of us. We had to fight the whole duel out again. Still finished it quickly… I think that this one is a glitch. Here’s the pic-

I also wanna add that when I was in Briskbreeze Tower with Amber, Cass, and Seth (who had to GO on the first floor), Amber’s Orthrus pet glitched out and copied itself onto both of her sides. It was awesome. I don’t think it gave her another Orthrus card, though… That would have rocked!

Keep on Casting!



3 Responses to “Two Very Strange Duel Occurrences”

  1. wizard101info Says:


  2. wizard101info Says:

    When i fought the Jade oni during that little change those other oni’s were tough……. Unfortunatly my friends wouldnt come to help us in our time of need (If your reading this then YOU KNOW WHO IM TALKING ABOUT).
    lol anyway they werent OVERLY tough, they only had 1000 health but Jade oni was just summoning them up….. we would knock em down and they would just come back full force. We ACTUALLY WON! i used my arena plan and we totally DESTROYED THEM ALL………. FULL blast FIRE DRAGON…. SCARECROW……..FROST GIANT……….and last of all (but not least) a STORM LORD (it was not cast by dustin it was casted by my friends friend who’s name i cannot remember…(Cassandra …???????)

    Long comment (my hand hurts)


  3. wizard101info Says:

    By the way…. WHERE WAS I when this happened?

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