Cassandra GriffinDreamer: A Great, New Friend

I was in the GWC Hall with Amber StarGem and it just so happens that Cassandra GriffinWard, the brilliant Sorcerer behind Witch Warrior 101, teleported to her! To be honest, I hadn’t really read Cass’s blog much. But we added each other to each other’s Friend Lists, and had a great time working on GWC outfits with Amber (They’re looking great, I’ll post pictures soon!).

After meeting Cass, I knew that I had to check out her blog. I just finished reading her whole blog. I was so hooked the whole time! She’s a great author. She also has Friendly on her list… I need to meet him :)!

I see Cass being a great and new friend in Wizard 101.

Keep on Casting!


4 Responses to “Cassandra GriffinDreamer: A Great, New Friend”

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    I read her blog, also!

  2. Cassandra Says:

    It’s GriffinDREAMER! -_-
    Thanx for welcoming me ^.^

  3. wizard101info Says:

    lol typical Dustin…..He tells me I make to many mistakes

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