“Serious” Financial Investments

Woot! As you can tell, I got some Crowns! Unlike David, I knew what I was gonna buy right away. First, a permanent broom. I loved my tiger, but I think it was time that he went on to Michael. Anyway, I really like this broom on Dustin, and YAY!

*tries to surpress excitement*

*takes a DEEEEEEEEP breath*

Then… I clicked… UPON THE STORM HOUE BUY BUTTON! It’s in my backpack.

*Mutters insanely with JOY*

Yea. AWESOMENESS! I started to work on it… This is how it looks when you arrive…

Ahh… So nice and peaceful besides the HUGE reckless storm that’s coming to wipe out everything in its way. First, I made some revisions to my Dragonspyre “memorial”.

I think it looks awesome. And it balances out the statues that are opposite it. I also managed to get a cherry blossom up on this cool perch. Looks so cool!

If you’re wondering how to do this, it’s pretty simple. Just get up on the platform by the Spiral door and hover the tree over this perch that’s to the right of it. It takes a little patience to get it to fit just right, but it’s worth it. I never got around to this on the Test Realm, but I put in my Grand Marleybone Tent and a palm tree. Kinda comical on a murderous, stormy island to be camping outside, no?

Yup. Remember that little cave and the cove that Cody discovered? I was looking around in it and then…


I knew what I was gonna put in there…

My very own hidden crafting lair! I’m probably gonna rope this area off so that only I can get in because of what I’m calling the 2nd Law of Housing: “You must have at least one area that is concealed or roped off so you are the only Wizard who has access to it.” I mean, really, go to any house and you’ll see that there’s at least one place that the owner has concealed or roped off for his/her personal access. Really! (The 1st Law of Housing is: Make it  as AWESOME as the awesomest thing that’s ever lived or died!)

Now onto the inside! (I would just like to say that the house isn’t finished on the inside or out, and I’m gonna keep you guys updated on my construction progress) This is what you see when you come in the front entrance to the house. REMEMBER, it’s totally not finished yet.

I found this Dragonspyre tile that goes great with the octopus tile in the center of the room. As hinted through the ominous soda barrels in the background, I plan for this room to be a dining room of sorts with a big table and loads and loads of food. Now we go down the steps…

That room is going to be a type of sitting room area. I’m gonna hang up banners for all the schools. This room symbolizes the GWC in a way. The wallpaper is the same and then once it has the banners up… I love that wallpaper and tilling.

Ok, I know that this is off topic, but David got his revenge on me for spending all of his money on the GWC Hall. He used the guilt trick on me and I had to make him his own room. This was especially infuriating because I’M the master of the guilt trick. Here’s a look at David’s room-

I think that it looks really nice! But of COURSE it’s not as nice as my BEAUTIFUL study and bedroom. I had to make some changes in my room, and I think it actually looks way cooler now.

I like the crystal storage shelf behind the desk, and I think the silver chest looks nice as well and balances it out nicely. Instead of a candelabra by the Storm shield and Fire and Death plaque, I put a bed.

As you can see, I got a new bed, and I added these little lights to either side of the doorway. Looks pretty nice, I think…

I also crafted a Wrym-Footed Bookshelf which looks SICK!

It wasn’t to hard to craft. Here’s the recipe.

That recipe can be bought from Toshio, the recipe vendor in the Jade Palace. The only semi-difficult part are the Fire Lily’s, but they’re in abundance in Dragonspyre. Everything else is very common at the Bazaar, and pretty cheap. Of course, you need the Housing Crafting Table to craft it. I’ll let you use mine!

Keep on Casting,



One Response to ““Serious” Financial Investments”

  1. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    1. better make sure your tent is waterproof!
    2. you are blocking off the window with that crystal shelf!

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