David’s 7 seconds of stardom!

Hello folks I actually was in the ravenwood radio pvp video……… It is really cool at about 7 minutes in and a few seconds LORD MAXWELL is shown (temporarily) shown in the corner of the video……… and at 7 minutes(about)55 seconds——-8 minutes 2 seconds……. Leesha Darkheart walks right past me…..

my 7 seconds of STARDOM!


4 Responses to “David’s 7 seconds of stardom!”

  1. wizard101info Says:

    David, I have to say, this big “STARDOM” thing isn’t too big.

    Or maybe I’m jealous… I WANTED TO MEET LEESHA!

  2. wizard101info Says:


  3. Deven Says:

    Um yeah Im new to Wizard 101 and um im stuck at the beginning after the first battle where the professer or whoever it is leaves and now im stuck in the ROOM

  4. wizard101info Says:

    room? like golem towerr cause it should teleport you away eventually so have faith young wizard.
    oh its headmaster Merle Ambrose by the way but it doesnt matter TOO much


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