Give The Thaumaturges a Round of Applause!

If you’re in the Eastern Time Zone, you probably know about this GIANT major snowstorm that is hitting the whole eastern seaboard with a TON of snow (where I am, like 15-20″). So we really should thank all the Thaumaturges for giving us all this nice snow, because it gets of out of class. Not wizard class, of course. We get more of this.

On another hand, I listened to the new Ravenwood Radio and Friendly is just hilarious. That guy has got some nerve with the talking thing :P Check out Ravenwood Radio! It rocks!

Keep on SNOWING… and casting!


2 Responses to “Give The Thaumaturges a Round of Applause!”

  1. Moomoogomoo Says:

    it just started snowing about a half hour ago

  2. Amber Stargem Says:

    No fair. It’s barely snowing here so i MIGHT get an inch. Plus it’s the weekend, and i’m on winter break. AND my relatives are staying at our house overnight! So I need a Theurgist here in St. Louis to turn it UP!

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