Woah… A New Mutation?!?

Sierra WinterBreeze, famed author of The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze, has a blog I recently discovered. It’s very nice, actually. I was just looking at it, and I went back in the archives (maybe a week past?) and found a post about a new mutation, Rain Colossus! This was cast on her by the Mooshu boss, Jikiru. I thought that the Gift Card pet would give this mutation, but when he didn’t, I gave up hopes of there ever being a type of mutation of this significance. This makes me wonder… Treasure Card or Pet coming soon?

I know, it’s kinda small. But that thing is SWEET! I took it from Sierra’s blog. I hope it’s origins are revealed soon!



One Response to “Woah… A New Mutation?!?”

  1. Moomoogomoo Says:

    I have that pet and it gives a lightning dispel card.. Thats pretty interesting though :)

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