Meet Taz

Alright, so I think that I posted saying that I really wanted a Storm Salamander Pet. If I didn’t (Man, I have a bad memory AND I am just too dang lazy to look back in our archives 2 posts. How sad.), I’ll tell you now; I want a Storm Salamander Pet! I found out about them at the ShadowThistle School just yesterday, and I am so psyched I finally have one today! So yay! His name is Taz, and I have two pics to show you of him. Go Taz! (How I LOVE that name…)

That’s Taz and I under the Christmas tree! Aren’t we cute :)

There’s a close up of him. Love the upside-down bolts on the hem. You notice them? That’s Taz. Hope you liked meeting him, ’cause I have been super excited about him. For those who are wondering, I actually took advantage of the Shared Bank feature to deliver Taz to Dustin. I had actually gotten a Salamander while Michael was questing in Krokotopia, and I guess he had dropped, although was tossed aside as a piece of junk :( I recently “re-discovered” him while looking around in Michael’s dusty bank. He must have turned all stormy during the updates. My luck! Then again, are Storm students luckier then other students ;) ?

Keep on Casting!


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