Adventuring in Grizzleheim

Now Grizzleheim isn’t really my favorite place to hang out. But since Cody has been telling me all week how much fun he has been having there, I went around exploring. First I finished up fighting some Moonstrider Howlers, and actually did something for the first time in one of duels!

See, see?!? Don’t you SEE?!? For the first time ever, I, Dustin MoonCatcher got to enjoy a special moment that everyone should be able to enjoy; Full Power Pips. Honestly, it feels so good to know that you are capable of harnessing all this magic energy and putting it into these extremely powerful yellow orbs! I guess I’m the only one it excites, so you might as well call me Mr. Fiz like my faithful cousin David does.

When I finished this quest, and the game told me I had a new goal, the coloring was surprisingly and nicely different.

See how now when you get a new goal, it pops up in green. A nice little touch, exactly the type of thing I think Kingsisle should be doing; refinements! Like has this cute little stump always been here?

Look how cute they are! I don’t know whether this is just a nice little “refinement” KI put into their game, or it actually is incorporated in some way into the quest-line. *Sigh* The Grizzleheim graphics are just SO superior to that of the other worlds. Check out this beautiful ice cavern-

I know, you “big time” gamers’ probably don’t think this is much at all compared to your heavy duty MMO’s, but for a game with such little graphic card requirements, this is very nice. One of the only reasons I am even questing in Grizzleheim is because I wanna see all of its fabulous setting.

Can’t wait for the Danger Hound and Gold codes tomorrow! If you’re a registered member of Wizard 101 Central, you should be getting your codes through email. Yay!

Happy Holidays’ & Keep on Casting!

-Dustin MoonCatcher, MasterMind


3 Responses to “Adventuring in Grizzleheim”

  1. wizard101info Says:

    Yeah yeah yeah Mr.Fiz you just enjoy it while it lasts……………………

    I always get the last laugh


  2. Moomoogomoo Says:

    yea, i always loved grizzleheim. its a nice place to be although the quest for jotun is alittle… unexpected and hard for your first lvl 45 GH quest…

    ~the cow says moo

  3. Moomoogomoo Says:

    Besides… you wont get them today or tomorrow. KingsIsle is sending the emails out on December 21st. Don’t beleive me?

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