GWC As Of December 14

Wazzup, readers?

I got the latest lowdown on the GWC here for you, and I have made it all nice and organized. In case you haven’t noticed how the site keeps getting changed around, I’m a perfectionist. Lets continue!


What positions’ are currently open to the public? This one is clearly explained here.

When is the meeting? Look, I know it stinks when you join up on the GWC and Dustin or David email’s you saying that there isn’t a meeting scheduled. That’s because the GWC isn’t complete yet! We are STILL recruiting members, trying as fast as we can to get it done even with our latest policy in affect…

What even IS the latest policy (s) Dustin can’t stop talking up? There are a few recent things we have required of ALL GWC members, and they will be strictly enforced (even though we don’t WANT to enforce them). Our newest little annoying “policy” is that you have to log on to Wizard 101 (or comment here on our site) every other week AT LEAST to be on the Council. If you have two characters, and only one is on the GWC, and you seem to only play one of them (the one that ISN’T on the GWC), there are high chances you might be taken off of the Council. You MUST have Text Chat or higher to be able to apply (no exceptions!). This is due to the slight in-efficiency of Menu Chat when communicating with other players about non-battle related topics. Sorry! We also now NEED all of the member’s email addresses….

WHY does the GWC need my email if I am gonna sign up? I can back this one up. First of all, if your email has your first/last name in it which you don’t necessarily want Wizard 101 Info to know, create an email (Gmail is free, people…) that is specifically for the GWC! Like how our email is That sure as a HeckHound isn’t my REAL email address. I just use it for the GWC and W101 Info, so the whole blogging community doesn’t need to know my first name. Create one like, or something. Simple and easy! The reason we need this is so we can contact you with our  updates. If there is a GWC meeting, we might need to let GWC members only know, which can be done easily through email. Members, you know who you are, if you haven’t submitted your email to the GWC, please try to get it done. It is so much easier to manage a council through email, I’ll tell ya that much. If there is a certain reason you can’t give us an email address, just let us know and it will ALL be worked out, easy.


Thanks for reading, and post any question/comments/concerns as comments on this post, or on the GWC page. We will get your comment no matter what, so just submit one if you have a question. PLEASE! Thanks for understanding our new info! See you in the Spiral!

Dustin MoonCatcher, Vice HighMaster and Storm Senior to the GWC


2 Responses to “GWC As Of December 14”

  1. David T. Says:

    Two questions.

    When did you get VICE highmaster?

    And check your email at
    Cause i checked and there is a lot of syuff from peope,ONE OF WHICH WANTS TO BE YOUR STORM JUNIOR!
    So check your email cuz

    • wizard101info Says:

      I checked my email and PHEW, there were a TON! But I got them all approved, so YAY! And Vice HighMaster kinda just popped into my head, you know? I like it… gotta ring to it, yo ;)

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