Storm Students Naturally Luckier? A Theory…

I was online today when Samantha FireDustin ThunderDust (Editor’s Note: Wow, I am getting stuck up! I am changing the names of my fellow wizards to my own for my own and greedy personal GLORY! AH THE CURSE! And I even imply that W101 Info should “fire Dustin”. Woe is me. Sorry Sam!), Senior Fire Rep for the GWC popped up online. She said that she was bored to death, so I took advantage of this situation by asking her if she wanted to do a Gurtok run. She agreed. So we went over The Great Spyre, used the decoy trick to get us past the mobs, and then fought Gurtok FireBender because I wanted his Level 50 Storm Ring.

So I got it.

It’s a weird thing, but all of my GrandMaster garb has been received on the first try except my robe from Malistare. I know, it sounds great, but I actually feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t have my insane luck.

It might sound even WEIRDer, but it seems like Storm wizards have… please take NO OFFENSE other Schools… more luck then the other Schools of Magic. I don’t mean Storm is better, in-fact, sometimes even I wish I was Life or Myth or Death or whatever. But it seems like Storm has more luck!

Seth GriffinWard, who has been fighting Valeska RedWind ON-GOING for the past three days, still hasn’t gotten his 100 Damge wand from her! I feel horrible, because I got it on my first try!

I don’t get this… Confused at the power of how Storm seems to get whatever the want… and saddened by the fact we don’t have to work as hard if my theory is true.

Storm should have to work as hard for everything just as hard as everything else.



5 Responses to “Storm Students Naturally Luckier? A Theory…”

  1. sgwiz Says:

    Oh yeah big time

    Dustin i am gonna make a deal with you

    help me get redwinds blade

    and you get

    michael is mooshu how about it deal?

    • wizard101info Says:

      Why, Seth, that ALMOST seems unreasonable ;)
      You see, we would only need to do Big Ben once for Michael to get to Mooshu. But I might be stuck fighting dear ol’ Valeska with you a 100! I will take your deal, but I might just have to demand a few Rebirth cards if Redwind has had us over more then… lets say… ten times.
      You make a good bargain, buddy.
      See you in the Spiral!

  2. silverheart Says:

    I wish I could agree with you but I have been farming Otomi for his Jade blade for about 3 months now and he still won’t crack. I have how ever gotten his cowl of vacansy at least 8 though (which I don’t use because of my crown gear) posibly storm grandmasters have good luck I’m (after all) only level 43.

  3. wizard101info Says:

    hello Dustin and other kid I dont know. (wow that sounded rude sry) Yeah you might mention that when we were farming for that DARN KRAYSYS STATUE!!!!!!
    YOU (yes YOU DUSTIN) got THE STATUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (a slightly upset(due to i still didnt get the statue yet))


  4. sgwiz Says:

    rebirths ? nice bargain

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