A Tower With Seth… Michael RainHeart… Whatnot…

Seth, I know that you are gonna read this, so sorry for posting about what you so dearly desire from that “witch”, Valeska Redwind. Good luck farming her in the future!

So Seth and I ventured out this evening to the Drake Hatchery where we entered the Secure House and starting tear up the floors. As he said himself, “We make a good team.”. Seriously, Storm and Life can do some serious butt-kicking together. So it wasn’t after long that we got to Redwind, and the tension started to rise. We were both praying that Redwind would drop her famous Viridian Blade to one of us.

Of course, she did. But I  wish that it had been the other that had gotten it.

Yep, I got it. I think Seth deserved it more… SO GUILTY!

Yup. So tragic. Anyway, that sword was darn cool (so sorry Seth, sorry)!

I know, you can see me saying “gtg” to Cody, my protégé. But check that thing out! SICK! The leaves are sweet! (Seth, you know… I am SORRY! Darn, I feel so guilty!).

The first thing I intend to do with this sword is have it shared over to Michael RainHeart (my Life student). That guy really scored tonight (well, I really scored… he’s MY character…). He also got his Level 50 hat from Kraysys when I was helping Cody farm for his Level 50 boots (he got them, by the way). Soon to be transferred to Michael!

Anyone like his new Marleybone stuff? I have the Staff of Rejuvenation ready for when he hits 30…

He’s 29 right now-

I am so psyched, although the XP is starting to rise… I should have expected so as I entered the 25’s… Time for stressin’ over question’ all over again. I had ENOUGH of that when Dustin was 49.


Also, it’s become quite a loot over at the Central!


Keep on Casting!


2 Responses to “A Tower With Seth… Michael RainHeart… Whatnot…”

  1. sgwiz Says:


    • wizard101info Says:

      Seth, seeing as its 9:56 EST as I post this, I don’t think we have a meeting with Redwind tonight. However, I will be on tomorrow, so keep your eyes out. I wanna help you get your sword!

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