Weekly Tips for Seth

Seth invited me (Dustin MoonCatcher) to post what I am calling “Dustin’s Weekly Tips” on his blog, My Adventures in Wizard 101. I am honored, and made my first post on Seth’s blog today! Go to his blog through the BlogRoll to find out more and read my post. It has to do with efficiency of your own School.

I just wanted to point this out, and I am honored to be working with Seth.

Keep on Casting!

P.S. Don’t worry A TINY BIT about Wizard 101 Info. It is DEFINITELY gonna stay around.


2 Responses to “Weekly Tips for Seth”

  1. sgwiz Says:

    better stay around i love this blog

  2. Moomoogomoo Says:

    me too i spent like 2 hours reading it from the beginning

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