Wahoo! At Last…. :~)

I clicked over to Friendly’s insanely awesome posting area, and noticed that Wizard 101 Info is on his blogroll!

Do you see us?!? We are the only WordPress sign for miles xD. But I stand strong for my blog provider! And, today, W101 Info is “officially” in the W101 Blogosphere (according to the Evil Theurgist, who left a comment on the most recent post)-

Hooray! Thanks for everyone who has stood by W101 Info! HOORAY!

Keep on Casting!

P.S. I think that Amber StarGem, self-named “The Myth Master”, probably has pulled a few strings to get David & I on Friendly’s site when I told her that I idolized him. I was just kidding of course. Thanks to Amber, Friendly, and The Evil Theurgist!


2 Responses to “Wahoo! At Last…. :~)”

  1. Amber Stargem Says:

    Ha ha it was no problemo!! I just gave him this comment:

    hey I have a friend who has been doing a blog and just cant get his name out there. I was wondering if you can add him to the blogsphere.



    -Amber StarGem

    And WHALA! There you are in the bloglist!! So No i didnt do ANYTHING!! lolz

  2. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    Hooray! Great job D&D! Also, my blog just hit 600 views! That’s a flat one hundred in a single day! We’re moving steadily ahead! Thanks for the support! Without your mention, we wouldn’t have a single view! :-)

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