Crafting and/or Transmuting Tragedies

Greetings Wizards!

First, I have a question for all of you. Do you think that online (Wizard 101, for instance, since this blog is dedicated to Wizard 1o1) “promises” have meaning? For example, if I walk up to someone on W101 and make a deal that if he helps me farm, I pay him in Treasure Cards or Reagents, should I actually have to grind and pay? What if he doesn’t do his part fully? Or should students just help each other? That’s my question.

So I am actually caught in a sticky situation. Back when I was an Apprentice Crafter working in Marleybone, I made a small “promise” with David. The deal was he gives me ALL of his Scrap Iron, and I repay him with something like a bunch of nice Storm Lord cards, or some Rebirth cards. But “trading” Reagents is a very tricky thing to do, because it requires precise timing. The only known way to “trade” Reagents is by selling them at the Bazaar while your friend is waiting to buy them quickly before somebody else. When I tried doing this with David (who had a TON of Scrap Iron) he lost about 10% of it to unknown artisans out there who kept clicking “Refresh”, and were also anxiously waiting to buy. Yeah. So 10%. David was actually pretty upset about his loss of Scrap Iron, and I, being the sympathetic Storm student that I am (which is a CURSE, I tell you, a CURSE), told him that I would pay him two Black Pearls (which he had been crazy for, and still is due to the Adept Crafter (I think that’s what it’s called) badge. So I did the same thing he did with his Scrap Iron, which was sell them at the Bazaar. Unfortunately, one of my Black Pearls suffered the same fate as did the 10% of David’s Scrap Iron! Horrible!

And that is why, until today, I have been spending my entire W101 career (ever since the incident above, and today when David reminded me I owed him) trying to Transmute a single Black Pearl of David’s liking! And I did today! But here is where the question I asked you at the beginning of the post kicks in; should I have to pay him the Black Pearl? Who knows. I don’t wanna upset a Fire student (those Helephants are nasty when they are charging at you… *shudders*), I think, is the answer. Btw. I owed the guy.

Lets hope this newly Transmuted Black Pearl doesn’t suffer the same and/or tragic fate that some of David’s Scrap Iron and one of my Black Pearls has suffered. It stinks to Transmute. But worth it when you have that AWESOME Wrym-Style stuff.

Keep on Crafting and/or Casting!



One Response to “Crafting and/or Transmuting Tragedies”

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