Dustin’s School House + Cody’s HyperFoucusing!

Hi everyone!

I am was in a such a great mood after listening to the new Ravenwood Radio that I decided to make a fabulous post for all of you!

I just can’t make it clear how much I love my Storm house that is on the Test Realm. It might not be quite as good as Cody’s new Death School one, but it works for me so far. I haven’t done much work on it yet, but I put together some screen shots on what I have completed.

First of all, did everyone know that this place had seagulls or whatever flying around it??? I think this might be an update to the Test Realm…

I have here lined the path up to my lighthouse with my statues… a nice touch, I think.

Some (like myself) might call this a “DragonSpyre memorial”. Such a tragedy, what happened there… At least now it’s on the Spiral map!

Cody discovered this little cave/beach thing. It was actually pretty cool.

When I wandered into the cave, I found that I could see my underwater elevator! Yay! (A suggestion for KingIsle- When you go down the elevator, have it be like in Marleybone when there are the balloon cars and you could see out of the elevator.)

There was another mini-beach through the cave. I love the island in the background! It looks like it’s in the Real World and water is getting on a camera lens :)

I put wallpaper up in a bunch or rooms,and that’s it. A working progress!

Again, just the wallpaper…

I DID decorate my own private study, though. You can see it at the end of the hall. A great perk.

Principal Mooncatcher :P I could totally see that…

I put an AWESOME Storm shield up to symbolize the AWESOMENESS of Storm. I threw in a Fire & Death plaque to symbolize my two greatest W101 friends; Cody & David. I think I might need to add a Life plaque, seeing as it’s my second school…

That is just some cool junk I placed on a bookshelf. I plan on upgrading that shelf to the wrym-style one, to make it more interesting. Problem is that that is kinda difficult to craft… I dunno. It sure isn’t as cool as Cody’s haunted house so far. That kid and his hyper-focusing… I guess it’s a good thing, from what I’ve seen. I just wonder if it’s healthy…

Totally on a different note…

It turns out that Amber StarGem has a blog too (the Myth Senior on the GWC). I am sure that everyone already knew this (I didn’t… I am so embarrassed!) Click here for her blog. I am going to add it to the blogroll. I also learned that David and I are apparently “famous” now in W101. At least according to Amber’s Jr. Ronan, anyway. The guy flipped out when I showed up… especially when I brought Seth GriffinWard who also has a blog. Cool! That guy is collecting “famous” people’s names on his list… he has Friendly aka Thomas LionBlood aka THE FRIENDLY NECROMANCER AHHHHHH! I worship that guy! Just kidding rofl. I thinks his blog is great though. Check it out!

Keep on Casting!



2 Responses to “Dustin’s School House + Cody’s HyperFoucusing!”

  1. Evil Theurgists Says:

    Hello, and welcome to the Blogosphere :-D

  2. sgwiz Says:

    actually i really worship him lol jk

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