Davids Petition (updated)

Below is the name of fellow pyromancers and other spell casters who have joined me in the Quest for fire!!!

Blaze Dragonrider

Dustin Mooncatcher

Stephen Griffinrider

Cassandra Darkpyre

Blaze Firecaster

Ethan Shadowwraith(who wishes that kingsisle would add more room and  theme to the storm house)

Chase Shadowcatcher

Destiny Firepyre

Amber Firewalker

Nora Ravenflame

Dustin Darkhunter

Elie Soulwhisper

Wolf Ravenhunter

More to COME!!!!




One Response to “Davids Petition (updated)”

  1. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    Personally, I like the fire house just fine. What more do you want? I mean, it has two stories of yard, lots of fire around the house, it’s huge inside, and it has the inferno room and the secret attic! I mean, seriously, be thankful that it’s awesome!

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