David Protects Ninja Pig’s Rights??? What The Heck!

Ever since the release of the new School Themed Houses on the Test, David has been particularly rude to students of other Schools. I must take this time to apologize for David, even though that isn’t for me to say :)

Nah, don’t get mad at David. He just is upset the Fire house isn’t all “up-to-snuff” like he thought it would be. Hmmph. Yeah, so don’t give him a hard time.

Ok, so I was helping Nathaniel FireEyes (a friend of mine in the Real Life) fight the Death Oni. It wasn’t a quest, he but he needed something in that instance. So anyway, halfway through the duel Fireyes fled on me, and I was all alone!  (David: if you look at the PICTURE YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE NATHANIEL IN FIRST SPOT so i crossed that (lie) mistaken typing)Poor guy must have been upset, and probably accidentally hit “Flee” and couldn’t get back in XD. So who would come to my rescue but David TitanRider, and at time when, for once, I didn’t need his assistance. I had a Storm Lord all lined up, Wards all laid out, and Charms balanced out nicely, when I see a “poof” of Fire and he slides in to my duel. Here is a picture of my Storm Lord “clearing the board”. I would like to point out David’s comment as I strike-

You read what he is saying there?!? “You killed many many many many Ninja Pigs FOR FUN so it’s like karma or revenge,” David cried as I chant, “Defeat the enemy!”.  (David: actually Dustin you were wondering about why the ninja pigs were always attacking you and not me so i answered.)I don’t understand where these impulses to protect the hunting rights of Ninja Pigs are coming from! AHHHH!

See, look at the next one!

Yeah, yeah yeah. David yells, “SEE!?!” as I say “WOOT”       (David:TSK TSK TSK Dustin my boy third error on this post…… I clearly clicked on the image of you claiming to say “WOOT” but it WAS actually “WOAH”). David, PLEASE, explain to me where this is coming from. I know it might sound like a joke, but why do you feel like I have killed Ninja Pigs “for fun”. Is it because I am a Storm student, or what???

Signed… a mildly confused,

-Dustin MoonCatcher, who MIGHT be getting a Junior Death Rep for Cody tomorrow… we’ll see how his interview goes ;)



2 Responses to “David Protects Ninja Pig’s Rights??? What The Heck!”

  1. sgwiz Says:

    i think it went pretty well

  2. wizard101info Says:

    Well here is an explanation to Dustins rather mistimed pictures. SOOOO me and Dustin (or as i know him Mr.Fiz(zle)) so anyway Mr.Fiz and I Started talking about our easiest worlds and Dustin aka Mr.fizzle said Mooshu and PROUDLY proclaimed his MASS KILLING of Ninja Pigs. So then i said (in other words) how really hurtful ninja pigs must feel at being KILLED a lot. (THIS IS THE REASON NINJA PIGS DONT WANNA BE DUSTINS PET!!!!!!!


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