‘Da Labyrinth With Chase

A few days ago Chase sent me a little message that was asking me if I wanted to do the Labyrinth with him. That place is rigged with all types of goodies and drops, so it wasn’t in my nature to deny the offer.

I just want to say if Chase is reading this thing, I had a great time dueling with you, man! “The Elements” (Shoot, I had a cool screen shot for that which I lost- Just imagine Dustin dramatically clicking a card and then stating “Lets give him the taste of the elements.”. It was An Ice, Fire, Storm (me) and Balance fighting throughout the level. I said this when we where dueling the Sentinel.) plus Balance shall never fail.

It was REALLY great when we got the Dean all his stuff and then we had to duel him. A fight like no other.

First, an Immolate is hits the Dean (Treasure Card, I believe) off of the Ice student.

Then I plunged the battle into the depths of the deep, shocking Dean DarkFlame with a powerful Triton.

Finally (we had PLANNED), a Helephant did substantial damage.

Sorry, Cody (our Fire wiz at the time) for not leaving in the damage. I snapped my screenshot too late… Anybody see the “gg” in the mid left side of the pic? This is Cody who cast the Helephant telling the Dean that we had just pawned him in a SICKLY combo.

It worked out kinda well, though, because he had roughly 600 health leftover after our combo. And Chase finished him off with a single Hydra :) I don’t have a pic of this because I though the three-some would finish DarkFlame. Oh well.

Chase thanked me very matter-of-factly for all of my help. With a simple, “ty”. That translates into. “Thank you Dustin, you COOL GUY!!!!”

Good kid, good kid… knows his manners…


4 Responses to “‘Da Labyrinth With Chase”

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    Hey D&D
    Aw, thanks for the mention. Dad always says use your manners where ever you are, even in a video game! Also, I wanted to inform you that I recently joined Wiz 101 Central! Yeah, I can see Danger Hound on the horizon! My User-Name is Chase WillowWeaver. How bout you?

  2. Edward Life WAlker Says:

    Hi I am level 41 life and I acctuly is almost anding the crucible and I think I might need you lol please meet on tuesday April 19 in front of boys dorm at the realm wu. we will not be going just to meet but in the future we shall

  3. Edward Life WAlker Says:

    4:oo pm Pacific btw

  4. Edward Life WAlker Says:

    Nvm wednesday lol

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