Well Done, KingIsle!

Alright, the latest buzz in the Spiral is the new School themed houses coming out mid this month. Currently, they are available on the Test Realm as long as some other cool stuff. David and I hopped online tonight to check out the updates and give you our little intake on them.

First of all, you probably should read Davids posts before this one. Just scroll down a little, or go back in our archives. They are pretty humorous, but I think he was actually upset about what he was talking about. Oh well. Check out David’s posts for more!

Now down to business. And I wanna say, I have a LOT of pictures of the Test Realm to share with all you guys so brace yourselves for a bit of scrolling… I think…

Ok, so you can bet that the first thing I do once I have the Test Realm all nice and loaded :) is to frantically click on the new Crowns store button (info on how to do this @ the bottom). And why do I do this? To check if my new and AWESOME Storm island is there, of course. And guess what :o? It WAS! AMAZING! Quickly, I pressed the nice little magnifying glass icon; time to preview!

Here I am as I first enter the house.

Look at that gleaming Storm insignia on the ground… beautiful…

Ok, THE GRAPHICS! Off the hook for a game with such low requirements!

That is the Storm Lighthouse (the cat woman said it would help visitors find my island… how clever…). It has a majestic Triton topping it off, and is occasionally hit by lightning. Ingenious… Check out the ocean:

I took that shot at the perfect time; nice lightning! Storm is so cool.

Back to the Lighthouse. What’s inside it, you ask? Only an underwater elevator!

Now, you COULD enter through the “proper” entrance…

Or take the elevator. I would take the elevator :).

Ok, so now you get off the elevator-

Ta da! Great! The actual underwater house is HUGE!

A fish tank…

A view of the undersea… reminds me of Triton…

Now, this is the COOLEST part to me. A Storm Shark aquarium!

Personally, I think it should be a Triton. But whatever…

I kept walking, and found this spiral (no pun intended) staircase. If you were to take the main entrance in, you would come in on the platform above Dustin in that picture.

Thanks cat woman-thing! Love the island!

Unfortunately, David wasn’t as pleased with the Fire house.

Yeah, it really didn’t do it for him. I think he’s started a petition to get KingsIsle to add a volcano into it. Such a Fire thing to do…

I don’t remember joining, but when I check his list of signatures, I was on there. Oh well. I guess I am on his petition.


Alright, save the best for last. The Myth house. Now is the point where I wished for a moment I was Myth once more…

That place ROCKS! It is easily the coolest new house, so now Myth can say that the “famous” :) Dustin MoonCatcher said their house was the best one. And boy, do I mean it when I say it!

I love the floating ruins:

Oh, that ROCKS to the power of 1,000!

Alright, *blushes*, but the rainbow is what did it for me. When I saw that thing, I cheered!

Ah that is so COOL! I bravely stepped onto it:

And then I looked down on the Spiral door-

Lol! I might just have to get one of these palaces…

Then, besides the houses, there were a couple new additions-

A new Mount! Perfect for a Death or Myth student, in my opinion. Not to mention that KI changed the look of the Health & Mana pots-

Well, thats just “my two cents” (quoting Chases blog, My2Cents) on the GREAT new updates.

Can’t wait for Celestia…



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  1. Sam Griffin Says:

    how do you go to test realm.

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