Fire house saddens me

I am SENDING LOTS of messages to kingsisle because the fire house is rather dull compared to myth or balance or (shiver) storm.

Here is a copy of my outrage if you can cope paste and help the pettition!!!

Ok so first of all I really LOVE ALL THE NEW FEATURES! But as a fire wizard you guys fell short of my expectations. Think about it…… myth has an indoor swimming pool and rainbows and storm goes underground and sees fish.Balance is large and cool looking but fire is rather small and less complicated. WE GET a tower thats pretty much it! Maybe you could PLEASE like put it in a volcano or something cool with like lava spewing down the side into a sea of lava. I could go on and on So please please please maybe add a few more cool things to the fire house CAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME


Here are pictures attached

SEE LARGE AND BIG!!! not to mention cooler!!

Large big and well detailed!!!!

Sigh so true

Please join me and the fellow pyromancers in the “Quest for Fire”



2 Responses to “Fire house saddens me”

  1. Logalmier Says:

    I completely agree. The fire house is dissapointing when compared ot all the other houses. Setting the thing on fire is nice, but it really needs more open space, and some cooler features.

  2. HITHERE Says:

    I WAS THINKING THAT ALSO! It would be AWESOME if the fire house was a volcano; it would look simmilar to the Great Spyre on the inside BUT MUCH BETTER!

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