David in dept

OK so i am NOT OFFICIALLY in dept but i am poor. SO Dustin made me go and buy all this junk for the council so now i am POOR SO POOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dustin made me spend A LOT A LOT A LOT!!!!!!!!!



5 Responses to “David in dept”

  1. wizard101info Says:

    I would like to say, David seems to take the honor of hosting the GWC in his own home very negatively :) And about him being in “debt”, KingsIsle should definitely come up with a “Share a House” feature for “True Friends”. I think True Friends should be able to share houses, both buying for the good of the house so ONE FRIEND (in this situation, David), doesn’t need to go broke and poor. David the W101 community would donate to your “Money to Poor” fund… if there was one.

  2. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    LOL ! ! !

  3. Dustin MoonCatcher Says:

    Thought I might comment once without being logged in… Lol.

  4. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    What kind of stuff were you buying? And it’s spelled debt, not dept.

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