An Updated GWC Page

Hello, fellow students.

I was really frustrated with the old GWC page, so I completely redesigned it and excluded pictures. I hope this doesn’t upset anyone, and it was only done because it is really hard to have pics of everyone on the Council. Once everyone is Grand, then I can put pics back on.

In the mean time, I would just like to say that if you want to be on the GWC, please check out the bottom of the “Grand Wizard Council” page. It explains everything in extreme detail here. So please sign up there, we will send you an application in email. More info on that “here” in the line above.

-Dustin, Storm Sr.


One Response to “An Updated GWC Page”

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    xD! No pics till We’re all Grand? Does that mean I have to start questing again?! ;) My blog just hit 410 views! Laterz!

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