Danger Hound Goal Achieved!

Yo, people! If you were to check the Central right now, you would see that the Fans on Facebook have reached 50,000!


Anyway, all members on W101 Central will probably get a code in their email after December 18th. I also think that if it gets full AGAIN (after we got the Danger Hound goal) the rest is extra tons of gold! Man, YES. Please, allow me to correct myself. Yes, we have the Danger Hound DOWN. On December 18th, KI will send out a code through email to all of the W101C members. Starting right now (not including the 50,000 :) ) for every new member, KI will give us that amount of gold. So if I went on Facebook and signed up as a fan right now, and nobody else had, all of W101C would get the Danger Hound and 1 Gold. So if 50,000 MORE people become fans, we get the Danger Hound and the amount of GOLD OF FANS, NOT INCLUDING THE 50,000. I know, I wish. 50,000 gold! KI is too smart for us :)

Pappa has a hound!

-Dustin (the happy owner of a new Danger Hound!)


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