Friendly Necromancer’s, “What is Celestia?”

I have an RSS feed to Friendly’s blog (available in the BlogRoll), and got seriously psyched when his two latest posts showed up in my inbox. One was “Stairway to Celestia”, and the second one was “What is Celestia?”. The first one had a really fabulous picture to accompany it. It was of Friendly’s roof in Real Life, showing a “stairway to heaven” with Christmas lights (?). Anyway, one of his readers didn’t really know at all what Celestia is, so he posted not too far after explaining what Celestia is and how he predicts it will be like. I found this very interesting and inspiring. Please read his post at

(Still haven’t darn figured out how to make HyperLinks in WordPress, so until then, just copy and paste into your GoBar. For those of you who don’t know what that is, its where you type in a web address)

It is really fascinating what he thinks of Celestia. I hope it’s as cool as he predicts.

Keep on Casting!


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