Dustin’s Highest Hit EVER!

So after listening to the 3rd Ravenwood Radio episode (there is a link in our blog-roll), I decided to do a blade/trap stacking myself.

I was really inspired by Friendly’s (also available in the blog-roll) trap/blade stacking post, and what he said on Ravenwood Radio. That guy really has it all figured out…

Anyway, this was a great resource for the little “competition” David and I have been having over who can unleash the most hit points. The wise mind might say that this goes back to our little Fire vs. Storm quarrel, but I don’t think so… We are just competitive cousins!

I ran over to the Bazaar and stocked up on all types of cards that could help me (sorry, but I am way to lazy to name them all). I just got a ton of cards, so I hope that explains it well enough :P

My highest ever hit was with Wild Bolt on the Jade Oni: 11,910. Pretty nice for LVL 40, which was when I got it.

This time, I was facing a weak little Golem minion, so I had time to BOOST, BOOST, BOOST.

In the end, my final damage was 15,037.

I am really proud of myself. I know, 15,037 isn’t much higher than 11,910. But for me, it is great! Mostly because I get to brag to David about it, and he doesn’t know how I did it, but also because that is a ton for me. I am sure that those “heavy bolters” probably think that I am the weakest little bug that they could just flick away with 2 Pips packed with a deadly bolt. But I don’t see myself that way. I don’t need to bolt to win. Take that bolters! :P


(For future reference, here is a nice shot of my BEAUTIFUL Malistare Triton tearing up the Golem-)



2 Responses to “Dustin’s Highest Hit EVER!”

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    Hey guys,
    It’s Chase here. Gratz on your nice Triton and Bolt! Also, I would like to inform you that if you are trying to go for heavy hits, use Tempest with full power pips and boosts. Tempest, in my opinion, is much stronger than Triton and Wild Bolt. Once before, my old friend Tabitha SwiftWalker hit the the Jade Oni with over 34,000 hit points! Just a little advice from your big fan :)

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