Hey, Can’t Say I Didn’t Try…

The first time I ever saw the Secret Shopper was on The Friendly Necromancer. Friendly was showing how to open up the entrance to the Temple of Storms XD.

Anyway, his badge caught my eye. It was the rare Secret Shopper badge. Well, I had never seen it before on anyone, so it was ULTRA-rare for me (didn’t even know it existed). I was determined to find out where Friendly had earned this title!

The answer came to me soon. Actually, someone told me how to get the badge.

Guess who that person was…

The one and only David TitanRider, trying to overshadow his very own cousin :)  (actually cuz I dont even have to try to overshadow you……….  JK)

So I really don’t have a clue how he figured it out, but you have to walk around a certain carpet in Krokotopia three times. In Krokotopia, there are these two obelisks that open up a portal to a secret shop. In this shop, there are a few carpets. Walk around a certain one, and there you go. Got the badge. Problem is, this portal only opens once every hour (I think?). So it isn’t guaranteed that whenever you show up, the portal is opened. Kinda like what happened to me tonight. I really wanted to show you guys how this is (getting the Secret Shopper) done. But the portal wasn’t open.

Anyway, I tried to yell at the obelisk to get it to switch.

Didn’t work…

Then I tried to make it feel guilty.

So ya. That didn’t work either. I guess I will just have to wait…

Here is a pic of the obelisk:

So, I will post how to get the badge Secret Shopper soon.




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