David, Oh, David…

If you where a lonely student flying around the Marleybone sector of the Spiral a few nights ago, you would have heard vaguely someone screaming with delight.

Then you probably would have heard a UNsensible Storm student trying to calm the first voice down…

This would have been David TitanRider squealing  (I DO NOT SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!) (doing something involving) happiness. And it would be ME (in case you haven’t caught on yet, Dustin MoonCatcher), trying to calm him down.

As you might know (or you might not, but thats not my fault), David deemed himself “Master Statue Collector” quite some time ago (totally a Fire thing to do, but that’s not for me to say :)

If you have watched the recently posted post of his house, you know this isn’t the case.

Today, David has just a MASSIVE, impressive collection (I’m just saying this so I can cancel out what I sad about Fire just back there…). :)

And, today, I have the upmost honor of announcing that a couple of days ago, David received a-


*stretches out arms*

*considers the possibility of ditching the idea of this post*

*ditches the idea of considering the possibility of ditching the idea of this post*

*figures “What the heck…”*

*rolls head around (my neck hurts)*

*realizes that laptop battery is running low!*

*cracks fingers and begrudgingly gets back to work*)


Yep, the one and only drop in the Labyrinth. (INCORRECT there are two statue drops in labyrinth)

Ah, wrong pic. That’s an ol’ one of David being a pumpkin head :)

(cousinly love…)    (David:ill get you back for this)

Here we are:

So. Ya. No big deal-io right? No? Lolz. Love making fun of him.

He’s my cuz, after all. BESIDES, he has the password to this blog too, so he could come on and talk about how horrible and fizzle-ish Storm Fire STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is.

Nah, just kidding.

At least, I hope you think I am.

So a HUGE congratz to David on this FANTABULOUS drop. May it never rust!

Dustin  MR. FIZZLE (who is feeling like he needs some pie…. maybe I should check GobbleStones place…)  






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