*A Round of Applause*


Ya, I am just here to say that Cody NightHunter (the local Necromancer in my hood, yo) just hit GrandMaster! Seriously, big accomplishment! I feel like he was LVL 35 just a month ago!

Thats just because he was. He is pretty darn fast. So ya.

Anyway, when I asked him how he did it so fast, he told me about his secret: “hyperfocusing”. He said that he gets his whole mind in the game, and is completely and utterly enhanced.

Kinda crazy, although some might say this is an advantage…

I really do believe him about his hyperfocusing. A few weeks ago I was video chatting him while we were playing W101, and he still had to do some of his homework (hate that stuff, unless it’s for Professor Balestrom). So his mom came into his computer room (remember, I was watching through my computer) and told him that he needed to get off and do his work. He didn’t even say anything. Just continued playing and talking to me. So when eventually his mom had to literally physically force him off of his computer, he fought with her until she was out of the room and fought to keep the door closed :). It all turned out fine, don’t worry.

So that is Cody and his hyperfocusing. LOL. He’s crazy.


So if you run into him, he needs all his level “fifth tea” gear. Not to mention Malistare runs…

-Dustin & Cody


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