Arena Anger

Howdy, everyone. Dustin here.

I am home sick today from school so had a bit of time on the computer. I started getting a little bored because none of my friends were online. Understandable, right? So I made a little trip to the Arena.

Here is what first comes to my mind when I think of the Arena: heartbreak. I have felt it myself there! And it isn’t very fun.

I had a really good Arena team. We rocked. I mean, REALLY we were good. And I was almost a Veteran. And then one of my teammates decided that he wanted to make a Life character, and BOOM; one down.

My other partner kinda just stopped playing… I haven’t seen him around much. Ya. You know, that really is pretty sad… in a kinda weird way.

So, of course, when you lose in the Arena, you feel really bad. Especially if the other team trash talks you the whole time when they are beating you…

Kinda like today. But I don’t really wanna talk about my match today.

*shudders, then cracks fingers….. and begins typing*

So if anyone out there has a really good strategy (I really need one, and please don’t say chain bolting) for a GM Diviner in 1v1. PLZ comment if you have an idea for me.

I kinda need it. Arena isn’t my thing, but I wanna try to be good at it so I can overcome my fear.



3 Responses to “Arena Anger”

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    Hi Dustin,
    I hope you’re feeling better! I might have a suggestion for your Arena problem, being a recent Knight. My first tip is to use tons of zero pips shields and Weaknesses such. Then, when you are completely defended, start to bombard the other team with Tritons, and such. Since you’ll probably have full power pips, you would be able to just non-stop attack them. Also, my blog just recently hit over 127 views! 14 new people yesterday! Thanks lots!

  2. Paige SparkleFlame Says:

    um, dustin? remember me? i am lucas friend……..

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