A Trip To The Fire School

K, David and I have been in this big feud about which School of Magic is better; Storm or Fire.

Personally, I think Storm. Wonder why, you know???

Anyway, my conscious was my guide today. I decided to take a little field trip to the Fire School. Doing my “civic duty”, ya know?

I am not telling you I enjoyed this trip :( ……… :).  Did everyone know that in the Book of Fire History they said that Storm and Ice quarreled over “trivial matters”?!?!?! More like FIRE & Ice…..

Fullscreen capture 11122009 23035 PM.bmp

David's teacher is pretty...... :)

Fullscreen capture 11122009 23117 PM.bmp

Regretfully :), Dustin


One Response to “A Trip To The Fire School”

  1. wizard101info Says:

    well Dustin, Storm Lords were fighting over something stupid……..WATER!!!!!! Those ice giants, yeah, they took some WATER but Storm Lords went berserk cause they took SOME WATER when they have THE ENTIRE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats just over the top mad!


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