What Once Was…

Hey, everyone.

David came over to my place today, and we had a great time. We have a new “Cards for Charity” promotion coming out very soon, and a great Sunday Moment for you all.

So if you are reading this post and have noticed that the Mercenary for Hire page is gone, congratz!  Hang on, don’t get too excited. I am not going to give you a prize (just clarifying…). David (now “nick-named” the “One-Week Mercenary”), decided to dump his new/old profession for a better one.

Oh, what once was… *glumly stares into the distance*

David decided just today that he is going to give treasure cards to the “poor & needy” (Oh, he is just such and ambitious guy… but that’s not for me to say). And just to make it easier, I have decided to join him!

Keep on Casting!




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