My2Cents by Chase WillowWeaver

Ah, Chase.

Our biggest fan.

This post connects to the great fan community that Wizard 101 has. Quite excellent, you know. I have played many MMO’s in the past (too be named later…) and have never seen such a great fan base.

Chase was inspired by Wizard 101 Info, The Friendly Necromancer, and Valerians blog (I really gotta get learn the names of all the “popular” Wizard 101 blogs, sorry Valerian…), and has created his very own blog!

Chase’s blog is called My2Cents, and is on BlogSpot. I must applaud him. His site is excellent and I strongly encourage you to check it out (right click on address bar and copy/paste D.TR) l haven’t figured out how to create text link hyperlinks, Friendly any advice on this???). Add it to your BookMarks!

Anyway, the blog has a (for lack of a better word, Chase) “weird” type of theme. It does, of course, have Wizard 101 related posts. Besides this, it has posts about sports! I think that it is a weird, but eccentric combination. I have really enjoyed reading his blog so far.

Chase, if you are reading this, you might as well thank me for that “DragonSpyre- Past & Present” post which I think was inspired as well by my earlier “DragonSpyre- Past & Present” post :P lol. Check mine out by going back in the archives. Check out Chase’s on My2Cents.

Enjoy his blog!

Dustin MoonCatcher, Technomacner Technomancer (wishful thinking right? I’m not a Technomaner Technomancer,  although I certainly wish I was)

Remember to check out Chase WillowWeaver’s blog @   (p.s. i edited dustins mistakes D.T)


2 Responses to “My2Cents by Chase WillowWeaver”

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    Hi Dustin & David!
    Wow, I don’t know how to thank you for writing that fantastic post about MY very own blog! Thanks SO much! You know what, SR. Blogger and I recently hit over 55 views! I doubt we could have ever done that over night without you guys. Like you said, the site is a bit “weird”, but that is the theme! Like stated in the title, I just write my2cents of everything! Gossip, Wizard 101 Info, Sports, Wizard 101, anything. Also, I’d like to say sorry for writing the DragonSpyre Past & Present because I knew you had already written that. To be honest, I totally spaced out and forgot about YOUR DragonSpyre Chronicles! Well, at least I got to take a few ScreenShots and write a bit. Once again, I praise Wizard 101 Info, and thank you for advertising me blog!

    -Chase WillowWeaver Undead Slayer WannaBe

    P.S. Thanks a million and I hope you keep reading! Feel free to comment.

    • wizard101info Says:

      Aw Chase, no need to apologize for the DragonSpyre post! David & I feel HONORED that you love our blog enough to use our ideas because you like them so much. Thanks Chase, for being such a great and caring fan! Although a bit eccentric…

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