Awkward Moment For Me, Dustin MoonCatcher

I know, the new theme and header and all that great stuff for the site looks really cool, right???

Of course it does! I’m a Storm student, after all.

But if you are extremely observant (well, you don’t have to be), you could notice that I don’t have a Balance banner in the header.

There actually is a Balance banner in the G.W.C., of course. Except they are on the end of both sides so you can’t see them.

I just wanted to clarify this before I got 100 angry comments from all you Balance wizards out there (Chase WillowWeaver, you know who I am talking about LOL). Lots of people forget about your school, and I am considering raising awareness for the Balance School of Magic, because they ROCK! I mean, their PVP skills? You think STORM is good in 1V1??? Forget it, Balance could crush us. Personally, I take this hard and don’t like typing about it, but it’s true.

So, um, don’t be offended Balance. We love you (although you annoy me in PVP and are the only school without an enemy *grits teeth*)!!!

Nah, I like Balance.




One Response to “Awkward Moment For Me, Dustin MoonCatcher”

  1. Moomoogomoo Says:

    :D do you hate it when you don’t get any comments? i mean its like your talking to open air.. O: I respect you…

    ~The cow says moo

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