How To Buy Gold With Crowns

I recently got this comment from a reader:

hey, i’m trying to get gold with crowns, i tried zeke but he’s only selling brooms. where should i got to buy gold with crowns?

First of all, if after an update to the game you don’t know how to do something, there are often posts on the window that pops up when you load up Wiz101. For example, here is what they said that actually regarded the new Crown shop in that location.

Fullscreen capture 1122009 41605 PM

As you can see, it mentions the new Crowns shop. If you had clicked the “here” link up there, it would have taken you to a page that gives an extremely detailed list of updates in the update. *deep breath*.

Anyway, that still doesn’t solve the problem of not knowing where you buy gold with Crowns. First, you need to know where the new Crowns shop is. Duh, right? If you log on, click the Crown in the upper left hand corner of your screen. It should say “SHOP” on it.

Fullscreen capture 1122009 41729 PM

If you click on that button, it pulls up this menu:

Fullscreen capture 1122009 41737 PM

Now the default “tab” that appears when you open the Crowns Shop is the “On Sale” tab. This tab shows everything in the store that is currently on sale. As you can see, you can click on the different tabs to pull up different things. Most things you can only buy with Crowns, and if you come across an item that you can buy with gold as well as Crowns, it is likely to cost a LOT.

Anyway, to buy gold, click the little coin tab with a “G” on it. If you haven’t figured this out already, “G” stands for Gold. Just saying…

Fullscreen capture 1122009 41742 PM

Once you click this, a new menu will appear, replacing the On Sale one. Again, if you haven’t guessed, the new menu has options of how much gold you want to buy.

Fullscreen capture 1122009 41754 PM

When this appears,you click on the amount of gold you want to buy (in this case, I have selected 1,000 gold). Once you have done this, glance over to the right and look at what you are buying.

Fullscreen capture 1122009 41804 PM

If you have enough Crowns (I know, I don’t. I go crazy with that type of treasure lol) , what you should do is pretty obvious. CLICK “BUY”!

The next time you open you Character page, you should see however much gold you bought added onto the amount you started with.

Of course, if you don’t wanna waste your Crowns on gold (my opinion, no offense people who want to make this economic decision) there’s always farming.

Hope this was helpful!



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