Pyramid of the Sun to The Krokosphinx

I recently got a question from a reader asking how you beat the Pyramid of the Sun. Here is what I have as an answer:

First of all, here are a couple links you might wanna check out on Krokotopia questing in general.

Thank you Friendly and Wizard 101 for those helpful posts!

Anyway, you have to do all the questing in the Pyramid of the Sun (Royal Hall, Palace of Fire, Chamber of Fire, Throne Room of Fire) I want to say that these places are not in order of how you complete and advance them.

Once you finish all the places until the Throne Room of Fire (which is a Dungeon at the end of the Palace of Fire), you defeat Krokohamen who gives you access to Krokosphinx.

If you are at this general stage in W101, please, I cordially invite you to leave as many comments as you like asking questions. I really love answering questions. Makes me feel like I am doing my civic duty LOL.

Until next time, keep on casting,

Dustin MoonCatcher


2 Responses to “Pyramid of the Sun to The Krokosphinx”

  1. TheLockSmith Says:

    So….the throne room isn’t required to gain access to krokoshpinx?….please advise :D

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