My New Celestia Theory; Feel Free To Disagree

Please, after reading the title of this post, don’t go raving about how crazy I am. I beg you to hear me out.

After defeating Timmy IcePick on Michael RainHeart (my resident Life student) and hopped over to the corner of the room to pick up the Theories of Marleybone book. This book, as some know, was one of the first things in Wizard101 that mentions Grizzleheim. An excellent discovery (probably a Storm wizard that found it). But here is my proposition: does this book not only mention the existence of Grizzleheim, but perhaps the existence of the mysterious Celestia as well?

Now, I know this might sound crazy, but one of my new theories on this world is that it is a bone. A huge, floating bone. And definitely a world of the Spiral.

Here is what it says in the Theories of Marleybone book:

Fullscreen capture 10252009 55753 PM

You see the part that discusses a large bone flying through space? What if that bone is Celestia?!? Here is what might possibly “back me up” [pic below taken from The Friendly Necromancer]

Fullscreen capture 10252009 63432 PM

This is what happens when you beat the Gauntlet of Woe, the GM only Dungeon. Obviously, the hieroglyphics key means Krokotopia. But the BONE one? What if it means Celestia is coming to Krokotopia, to destroy it?

Something bad could very well be coming to the Spiral soon.

Keep on Casting,

Dustin MoonCatcher


One Response to “My New Celestia Theory; Feel Free To Disagree”

  1. sgwiz Says:

    dustin plz dont tell me your idea is to have to beat the gm dugeon

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