Really, This Is Ridiculous!!!

Every time we log onto Wizard 101, we see this piece of text:
Fullscreen capture 10172009 35602 PM.bmp

And yet, you still hear that rumor that someone gave their password and now their Wizard is gone…

And then, this was posted on Wizard 101 Central by Professor Greyrose:

Fullscreen capture 10172009 35827 PM.bmp

It is post talking about how people have been trying to scam others into giving them Treasure Cards for Crowns. As Professor Greyrose mentions, you cannot trade Crowns!!! And even if you could, I don’t think that it is a good idea to be trading your own hard earned Crowns to other people you don’t know. So really, here is what I don’t understand. I mean, its not like some people see these warnings and other don’t. We ALL see them. So WHY do people still try to scam?!?! Look at this:

Fullscreen capture 10162009 72052 PM.bmp

You see??? A scam right there… And someone out there could have just wasted up to 15k in Crowns for this person, just for 2 Treasure Cards. Just crazy…

Be prepared for this, and don’t fall for the tricksters.

Keep on Casting!


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