BriskBreeze Tower, The Gauntlet of Woe, Or Whatever You Wanna Call This Literal Dungeon

I hopped on Wizard 101 this morning and downloaded the updates. After buying my mount and stitching my stuff to look way cooler (both of which are stories for other posts), I headed over to The Gauntlet of Woe and started doing that Dungeon with my friends. We had A Storm, A Fire, A Life, & An Ice. That, in my opinion, is an outstanding team if it can function correctly. And we functioned EXCELLENTLY!

We beat the whole tower up to the great, almighty, cheap, cheating Wraith boss. And lemme tell you firsthand, he should have been Balance because he KNEW how to adjust the rules of combat, alright.

Really, it was totally insane. With a three pip (normal ones!!!) Heck Hound, he could cause 550HP+ to be inflicted on the enemy. And this wasn’t in total; this was EACH ROUND!!! Crazy overpower. SO after his Heck Hound starts to kill you, he can take away 1/2 of your freaking health! So if you have full health, Heck Hound takes away 1/3, and then his little – 1/2 health takes you out even more. Finally, the Heck Hound kills you. He can also cast up to three spells in one round, one of which an overpowered Meteor Strike.

No, but that was the most depressing Dungeon I had ever done… depressing for me, of course. As I said, we fought up to the FINAL boss (by the way, does anybody know how many floors that tower has? I’m dying to know!!!) and on the turn we killed him, I died. So the three guys with me got credit and I was the only one who didn’t. So sad…

Be prepared, because I thought I was ready. You really can’t FULLY prepare, but try as hard as you can. This is some really hard stuff, so don’t get upset if you die like yours truly. I don’t know ONE person who has beaten it. I think I am gonna make a page called Gauntlet Survivors, so that the people who have beaten this can get the publicity and fame that they deserve.

Good luck to all with the Gauntlet of Woe, GrandMasters!


(some pics):
Fullscreen capture 10162009 23746 PM

Fullscreen capture 10162009 62734 PM


20 Responses to “BriskBreeze Tower, The Gauntlet of Woe, Or Whatever You Wanna Call This Literal Dungeon”

  1. Arlen Dragonthorn Says:

    Hey Dustin this is Arlen. Actually, we died on the last boss too. The only one who completed the quest was Blaze, because he talked to the guy before he got in the battle. So you’re not alone.

  2. Blaze SHadow sword Says:

    i beat brisk breeze tower but i wonldn’t be done with it if i just went in the battle i passed my frineds and talked to the private then i got in the battle but then we all died

  3. Paul Says:

    Guys in nearly all quests or fights.. if you have the chance to ‘read the book’, grab the item, or talk to a character before entering the fight you always should.

    Fighting automatically is never the right first step..
    Trick is that we dont always know if thats an option.

  4. wizard101info Says:

    Hello so Blaze got the book and arlen and Dustin and ???? didnt

    well sry arlen it was pretty tough I talked to that guy first and then he CHEATED and majorly wiped us our with a meteor strike……

  5. sgwiz Says:

    your are so not alone i just came out of my fourth try this is unbeatble

  6. Angus Says:

    Last night two of us (50 myth/death & 50 storm/fire) braved the tower, got to the cheating boss with ease. Like what you mentioned, I got wiped really quickly by boss’ cheapo combo heck hound + meteor strike, so naturally my partner stood longer for another 2 rounds to meteor strikes and some vampire attacks, but eventually defeated too.

    But I think I got the strategy now, pack a lot of fire & death shields, I think this freak cheating boss can be beatable by 2 players.

  7. wizard101info Says:

    thats possible……… if you do manage to kill him please tell us (for some viewers assistance in that tower) what you did…………………..

  8. Angus Says:

    Well we read some useful strategies from wizard101central, and both of us learned Quench spell to dispel Orrick’s fire spells. As we went to try the tower, 2 other players joined in (death and life), so instead we pushed through the tower so fast and easy, even the last boss.

    Every level, I will buff up my Storm friend, at the round she delivers the storm attack (usually high pip tempest or storm lord), the life player will heal all players with rebirth so we are all ready for next level.

    When fighting final boss, we throw all kinds of shields on healer (position 1), especially fire shields, while my storm friend and myself will keep putting quench on Orrick.

    I managed to get my myth ring drop, but storm friend didn’t get hers. We should run it a few more times, perhaps just two of us in the future, we’ll follow up with this post to let you know if we were able to defeat it with double.

  9. Blaze Icedreamer Says:

    i soloed it, i’m storm grandmaster. There is ninth floors, all you have to di is wild bolt last boss with blades and windstorm and darkwind

  10. cheryl Says:

    I need help in BreezeTower. Would any of you guys help me?

  11. William Goldenflame Says:

    Dudes I got to the Last Level also and I along with everyone else got killed, but other resourses say that it is beatable but only if you have a really good stadegy.

  12. William Goldenflame Says:

    Hey it’s me again just wanted to say that I hope that celestia, u know the new world they are developing ,well I hope that it’s going to be easy but I doubt that it will.

  13. Blaze Icedreamer Says:

    Hey i’m Blaze Icedreamer lvl 50 grandmaster. well anyway if you want to do brisbreeze hook me up i have done it over 50 times i’m like you can say a grandmaster at it you can say. i’ve died once cause i let the meteor hiy us, i say it was totally worth it.

  14. cole Says:

    hey, the briskbreeze tower is imppossible cuz the final boss it had 1 pip and used meteor strike and it did 286045 damage or something and killed all of my team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kevin Battleblood Says:

    Here’s the result of some boredom and wonder: 2-Man completion of Briskbreeze Tower w/Death & Fire, no Storm attacks.

    Video series begins here:

  16. joseph Says:

    I have only tried the tower once but I agree shield up armor. Tower shields are good idea. The key is to have your best guy 4th in the fight. So the three others can load him up with feints blades and traps. Even if the boss knocks a few off. The key is big time damage not a 1000 or 2000 hit more like 4 5000 or more. It is possible. Another idea wwould be to use stun. Choke quench. Everey round you can. It would be key. Don’t let him get his minions or your toast

  17. Trevor CrowHeart Says:

    I’ve beat the tower at least 20 times, and I have a ton of non-tradeable rings to show for it – along with my Death ring. The tower is easy to beat, just don’t expect to blaze your way in wild bolting or without knowing how the bosses or their minions have strategies of their own.

    Most of my runs were with whomever was outside. I only lost on my first attempt (solo) and when I teamed up with three storm wizards. All they did was talk about how strong storm was, throw silly spells, and fizzle.

    Recently, I’ve been going in with just one partner (a storm wizard). The two of us complete it without a problem.

    Remember, the bosses (and minions) cheat. Don’t let them throw the spells that will kill you. Forget about quenching, and save your pips. Kill them before they kill you, and you will easily do the tower.

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