Thanks to Everyone, Including Chase WillowWeaver

I’ll tell you, I feel really pumped up as I write this post.

It was fate that brought me to Wizard 101 Info’s biggest fan, and my new Wiz101 battle buddy, Chase WillowWeaver.

As I learned soon-after, Chase enjoyed browsing the web looking for all types of info on Wizard 101. Heck, you might think a blog titled Wizard 101 Info might have some W101 information, right???? Again, thought show…

So I was hanging around the Arena, practicing against LVL 48 and up Wizards, when I got a text. It was Chase WillowWeaver, asking me if I was the Dustin from Wizard 101 Info. Naturally, I was absolutely shocked when this popped up on my screen. To be quite honest with you, I just think it is the coolest thing to meet a reader of your blog. If you are a blogger, you put so much time and effort into putting out stuff for your readers. It’s just so cool when you know that there is someone out there who actually appreciates your work. The coolest feeling!

The rest of the night I discussed with Chase everything about W101 Info, and he had lots of questions. I felt truly like a celebrity when David showed up and Chase screamed out, “NO WAY!” I was so happy that he was so excited!!! I was in such a good mood after tonight, that I appointed Chase WillowWeaver, Master Sorcerer, the Senior Balance Representative for the Grand Wizard Council. He knew the whole process and everything about choosing roles and the responsibilities of the council, from reading our blog. Its just great!!! LOL! I helped Chase with a few quests, and then we had a party at David’s place.

I really did have a great night!!! Here is a pic of Chase, my new bud:

Fullscreen capture 10152009 34726 PM.bmp

Keep on Casting Readers,

Dustin MoonCatcher, Senior Storm Rep.


One Response to “Thanks to Everyone, Including Chase WillowWeaver”

  1. Moomoogomoo Says:

    Thats cute >.< :D

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