Dustin MoonCatcher, GrandMaster Diviner

So, yes. It has been done.

I got to Grand today. And even though I am REALLY pleased about it, I feel like I have lost something…

You see, once you stop leveling, the game apparently loses much of its fun. Its like when you and your friends make jokes about old people being bored and boring all the time. I don’t wanna become like that in the game. Whenever I log on to Wizards, I never want to be bored. And I hope I never do feel like that. Do any of the other GM’s have something to say about this? Is being a GM a great or horrible experience? I feel like I know to little.

But enough of this sappy stuff, lets hit the good news!!!

I was really lucky with Dustin. No… lemme rephrase that:
I WAS EXTRAORDINARILY lucky with Dustin.

I got my GM Boots, Hat, and Athame all on my FIRST TRY! Now, I don’t mean to brag, although when I called David I said, “Dude, you won’t believe this, and I don’t want you to get upset.” So here is what he said, “You got the Jade Oni statue, didn’t you???” What a cool guy! Always looking for his side of the bargain, and to the dark side of the road. NVM. So after that I told him I got those things on my first tries and then I got Malistares Garment on the SECOND try. And dang, that thing is WAY overpowered… although you don’t see me complaining…. Have a look:

Fullscreen capture 10102009 52441 PM.bmp

I mean, look at that! 240 Health is like… GIANT for Storm. Then 17 resist now, NOT bad at all. And the 7 accuracy paired with 15 damage!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? INSANE!!! That is more then most Storms will have until they get this thing!!!

So I congratulate myself on this achievement, and good luck to you, LVL 1-49!!!

Keep on Casting, Fellow Gamers,

Dustin Mooncatcher, The One Who Caught The Moon

P.S. As writing that sig write above, I was thinking that for my Central sig I think I should do Dustin grabbing the moon right out of the night sky. That would rock!!!


2 Responses to “Dustin MoonCatcher, GrandMaster Diviner”

  1. Kelly DeathSpear Says:

    o heres where you put the comments………if you wanted to know im a high lvl then 25 i’m 26 :) welll email me im a big fan but you didnt even no it i usually dont comment

  2. Blaze SHadow sword Says:

    i’m friend with people in this thing i’m friends with chase willowweaver,lucas soulhunter,and dustin mooncatcher

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