Sunbrand’s Myth Staff Up Close

So I was on the Test Realm (it is back up and running with mounts and tons of cool new stuff!), and saw this LVL 50 Myth Wizard wearing her staff from Sunbrand. Now, as I went by her on my mount, I noticed there were some little etchings carved into her staff. Here, have a look.

Fullscreen capture 1022009 40131 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1022009 40124 PM.bmp

On the first pic, I can see what looks like a Raven and a Cyclops. In the second one, an Orthrus and and a Cyclops. You might say, “So what? It has etchings? WHO CARES, MAN???”, but I just think that’s the coolest thing ever!

Ya know, I may be Storm, and even though Storm is supposed to be opposites with Myth, I really do think that Myth is a pretty cool school. You know what, I am gonna let you in on a little secret:

One day, back when I was just starting out on Wizard101, I was a Conjurer. No kidding, it was true. Dustin Mooncatcher used to be Myth. But you know what? As I played up to level 5 on my little Conjurer, I couldn’t help but love everything about Storm. So one day, I pressed “DELETE”, and the Dustin Mooncatcher you know today was born. Well, that is my little tale.

Keep on Casting,

Dustin Mooncatcher


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