Here’s a First: A CHEST Collection

‘Sup Wizzes.

Fate is what brought me to see this SWEET collection in a castle of a friend of my friend of a friend of mine:


I know this collection only takes up a real small amount of space, but it caught my eyes and I would can’t even imagine how much effort went into making that nice little space. I really like all types of collections in the games, likes wands, or like this. Collecting in-game items is something that is purely the players.

Dustin M. (Your Fav Storm Wiz, who is currently at LVL 48 and finds it really hard to get to LVL 49)

P.S. I recently started saving up for the big Marleybone mansion, and I know I have been driving David crazy telling him how cool it is :) I think I may have touched a jealously nerve LOL XD.


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