Exciting New Posts

Hello Fellow Wizards.. (worthy of which attend the School of Storm… nvm LOL)

Well, as you may have noticed we haven’t had to many exciting posts in the past few days but don’t worry, we have some really, really, nice stuff planned for our blog and for the game (meet-ups and that sort of thing).

So keep checking back on us, because you wouldn’t want to miss any information about our… GRAND WIZARD COUNCIL… yeah, you heard me.

Interested? Check back for some for info, especially if you feel you have tons of school spirit!!!

Keep on Casting…(those MIGHTY Storm spells),

Dustin MoonCatcher, Master of Storm

P.S. Real quick: If you have a lot of school spirit for your school of magic, go to the Contest page to vote for your school to be the best one!!!


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